I would imagine that I am not the only bride who has several different wedding themes in her mind and the difficulty of choosing is great. In the previous Talvimorsian text, I presented the table setting I chose and now I'm going through the other options, which I absolutely had to try so that I could be sure that my choice is the right one for us.

The closest to our final wedding coverage is this slightly more rustic option, pictured below. The color scheme includes jute, wood, cardboard, ivory, cream and the fresh light green of flowers. The shades are soft and earthy, and unnatural shades have been removed. The combination of a jute apron and a light, narrower lace apron creates a wonderful rustic romantic atmosphere and provides the basis for the entire table setting. As a connecting factor in the smaller details, lace strips of different widths and jute cord continue. Various small chalkboards are also wonderfully suited to this theme. Untreated cardboard has been chosen for the placement and table programs, and beautifully fresh white for the napkins.

Another table setting I wanted to try was built around my theme color of light pink, but was a little more simplified and fresh. The pink lace scarf is decorated with a string of decorative pearls in the same color, which is refreshed by a string of light green pearls and single decorative pearls in ivory. The flowers here are single beautiful roses in such tall and narrow vases that they do not prevent natural socializing. A beautiful detail are decorative cut-out heart place cards attached with small heart clothespins on the edges of the glass. Fresh white continues from the tablecloth to napkins, dishes and menu cards. The menus are distributed to each person separately and are decorated with a funny couple of birds, which repeats the color theme pink and light green. This table setting shows that even a little embellishment can create a beautiful and festive final result, it could be perfect for, say, a spring wedding.

As a lover of romance, I couldn't help but try the vibes of the past, not only from the peasant country romantic perspective, but also in the spirit of the 20s. As the starting point for the table setting, a wonderfully spilling ivory-colored satin scarf was chosen under a romantic milk coffee-colored lace scarf - this combination is perfectly described by the word luxurious! As details, decorative pearls on the table, decorative cut-out heart place cards fixed with small heart clothespins on the edges of the glasses and elegant menu cards decorated with Rosette confetti in the color of pearlescent champagne complete the whole. The soft ivory shade continues in the geometrically folded napkins and candles. Gold-toned wedding candies fit beautifully among decorative pearls or precisely placed on napkins, a stylish part of the setting in both ways! Quite a wonderful vintage wedding atmosphere, which is suitable for every season.

A touch of gold brings more glamor to the setting in the form of candle jars and chocolate hearts . In this table setting, the lace sash and wildflowers were removed and replaced with a cream-colored Deluxe rose vine as an experiment.

Finally, the space's beautiful red brick walls enticed us to try the table setting, whose color palette includes shades of brick, burnt orange, ochre, amber, linen and gold. The traditional flowers were replaced by glowing orange maple leaf vines, which made a wonderful decoration by wrapping gold-toned decorative pearl ribbons and organza sashes. In addition, the individual maple leaves sprinkled on the table could be used to bring more abundance. A jute rug with a white tablecloth gives a calm background to the colorful whole. A showy table setting often requires that some decoration rises a little higher than the others, so in the absence of flowers, long antique candles in burnt orange color were selected as candles, whose warm tone continues even in the folded napkins. Golden candlesticks and sparklers, as well as diamond-shaped place card holders sparkling in amber tones, complete the setting. The end result glows in wonderful shades of crimson and would be perfect for an autumn wedding!

Here is the same table setting with white napkins .

Having gone through the table setting options that were swirling in my mind, I still stick to my original decoration idea. Pale pink, soft white, jute, sand, clear glass, unprocessed cardboard and pearlescent are the most beautiful and favorite for me as a whole. Rustic romantic, with emphasis on the word romantic, describes the end result perhaps best. A lot of candles bringing warmth, a controlled amount of details making the table setting stand out, beautiful flowers and lace bringing sensitivity and a touch of wood, cardboard and jute creating a suitable contrast and earthiness to the whole. I can hardly wait to complete the final setting for my wedding day in a week!

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