We have chosen the Haulitehta in Tampere as our wedding venue, which has been beautifully renovated with respect to the old and welcomes you with its atmosphere as soon as you enter. The old jagged red brick walls, black iron details on the windows and ceiling, and large fireplaces at both ends of the party space create a wonderful warm atmosphere and fit perfectly with our country romantic winter wedding theme. The decision about the party space was confirmed by the permission to burn candles there, unlike in many other places. We have seen the space about a year ago when we booked it, so I decided to reduce the stress of the wedding by visiting the place to plan the setting and decoration.

Since the space itself is already quite spectacular, I pay the most attention to the decoration of the tables and their settings. After thinking about the shade of the tablecloths, I decided on white, as is the case at most parties - the easy availability of white and the fresh background it brings to the table setting decided my decision. Since the accessories are quite translucent and light, I also chose a napkin in white, so that as a surprisingly large piece, its color does not draw attention away from the rest of the decoration of the table setting. The light one I chose for completion pink lace handkerchiefs with their haziness, they create a fine contrast to the jagged red brick, while still fitting together beautifully. As long as the dishes are white, clear glass and silver-colored metal, the starting points for planning the details are in order.

The largest of my compositions are candle jars, so I started by arranging them on the tablecloth in different quantities, both with and without flowers, looking for a suitable ensemble. Candles alone have their own charm as they glow in numerous warm light in glass jars, but in my opinion, the most beautiful whole was finally created by combining a couple of rustic candle jars with a bouquet of flowers that brings a wonderful sensitivity, the vase of which is a mini milk bottle suitable for the rustic romantic theme. This left plenty of space for the menu/programme cards still standing in A-shape, where the combination of patina and lace continues. The flower bouquet of the trial arrangement rises beautifully above the rest of the decoration, but considering dating, I still want the final bouquets to be a little lower and the green tone to a winter gray green by adding ivy to the bouquet.

The smallest details complete the table setting, so I placed pearl strings on the tablecloth among the decorations to tie them into one beautiful whole. I chose pearls  decorative pearl strings that wind airily on the fishing line, blending beautifully with other decorations and I tried them in both white and pink. To my own surprise, my choice of color fell on the same shade of pink as the lace scarf, which I had thought would drown out the lace because of the same color. However, the pearls stood out well and the ensemble was more harmonious with pearl strings of the same color than with white ones.

Finally, I placed beautifully decorative cut heart-shaped place cards with pale pink hearts on clothespins - a lovely combination, but the pearlescent hearts on the place cards, which look good on their own, are perhaps a bit too much for my rustic theme. Fortunately, the same heart place cards were also found with a small cut, so I can keep them on the edge of the glass as a lovely detail in itself.

The trial setting was made for a table for four people, but I will probably make tables for eight people for the wedding, so that there will be a little more space for both the decoration and the guests, and the whole will be practical and beautiful at the same time. I am so satisfied with the end result that I don't think the party place needs much other decoration - the same decoration continues in addition to the guest tables on the gift table, serving tables and the bridal couple's table, maybe just adding a few that match the theme streamer . Since the table setting didn't cause any additional stress, I got it with a little extra crafting: I lifted the candle jars out of the way onto the windowsill and found that they fit there perfectly - and there are plenty of windowsills! Now I'm collecting more glass jars on a fast schedule and trying to double the original amount in a couple of weeks, so that I can make the whole party space shine in beautiful candlelight.