What should be taken into account when choosing a wedding venue?

The search for a party space is often guided by the feeling, "this space feels just right". Without discounting this feeling, it is also important to consider a few important points so that your wedding day is as wonderful and smooth as possible, also in terms of the space. The search for a wedding venue is influenced by: time, budget, number of guests, alcohol and food supply, the tones of the space and the possibilities of the space.

At the end of the article, you will find a checklist that you can copy with you when you visit the venue.


If you have a date that is important to you, it is of course important to build the day around it. If you are still thinking about the date of the wedding, it is a good idea to check the events near the wedding venue or in the whole city. Don't wake up near the wedding weekend thinking that all the hotels are already full because of the jazz festivals held in the city. Once the date has been determined, we ask potential wedding venues if they have these dates available.

Many facilities have higher prices in the summer season because demand is higher then. If the space itself is important to you, but not the time, consider spring, autumn or winter as an alternative. What would the farm and its surroundings be like in times other than summer. Also ask about the price of the space for other seasons? You can be surprised with a significant discount.


You can start searching for a party venue on the internet. In addition to the event venues' own pages, see photos of weddings held at the venue through the image search. You may be positively surprised by the space's possibilities, and many spaces will look different with small changes that you may not have thought of yourself. However, arrange familiarization visits to facilities that are within your budget or where the budget can be flexible. Wedding venues that fit into the budget give room for daydreaming without tightening the strings and stress. In addition to the budget, one of the most important things is how many guests is the space functional for? Is there room for the elements you want: dance floor, bar, photobooth, buffet, etc.

Choose a space that already pleases you. If you need to make major changes or cover-up operations to the premises, it is good to think about whether you have time for such a thing and whether it is possible within the legal framework of the premises. Of course, if you have good helpers or a wedding planning team to help you, it is possible to make big changes to the space. It is also good to schedule a visit to the farm as close as possible in terms of time and time, if one year in advance is possible. This way you can see the lightness of the space best and thus better avoid surprises that, for example, may not be noticed in a darker time: the floor / floor mat, the shade of the curtains, etc. often catch the eye when it is bright. Many times the color shades change according to the light.

What kind of table formations are possible? If you have dreamed of four tables, there must be more space than long tables. This is worth ensuring in the space that you get the look you want with the cover.

When getting to know the space, it is also good to make sure what can be brought into the space and whether there are any restrictions in the space. Barrier-free movement must be taken into account at an early stage or ask the farm for tips on how to implement it. It is good to verify the mounting possibilities and what can be removed in the space. Also, especially for fall and winter weddings, it is good to make sure the candles are lit, so that it is possible to create the atmosphere you want. When thinking about the program, you should also ask the venue about sound reproduction and acoustics. It is good to ensure the number of plugs and current, especially if you plan to use a lot of light decorations. From the band or from the performer coming to your day, you can ensure the sound reproduction and the adequacy of the electrical outlets.

It is also a good idea to confirm the schedule of the reservation with the cancellation conditions. At an early stage, it is also good to ask about the illegal schedule of the wedding venue, when it is possible to enter the premises and at the same time ensure the handover of the premises.

Good communication is also important. That's why it's good to send a few messages or call before reserving the space. Because communication is guaranteed not to improve after booking.

It is good to ask if there are other weddings at the venue or in the surroundings on the same day, so that there is no surprise on the wedding day itself when another wedding couple walks in the same courtyard. Make sure there are no restrictions on filming at the venue. On the wedding day, we avoid surprises that you are not allowed to shoot in the adjacent meadow or that an old structure may also be fragile and thus a dangerous shooting environment. The people at the party also know how to give good shooting location tips, you should definitely take advantage of them.

Sometimes the weather poses challenges, and even if you don't want to even give rain a thought on your wedding day. It is good to ensure the functionality of the space in case of rain, especially if a lot of activities are planned outside: marriage ceremony, reception on the terrace, lounge area, etc.


When it comes to price, it's good to be careful and ask for an offer listed as clearly as possible, which includes all possible costs. Surprising additional costs can come from: hall service, cleaning, emptying of garbage or janitor's fees. This way you will know the total price right from the start and there will be no surprises close to or after the wedding day. It is always good to confirm all prices in writing so that there are no ambiguities about prices or agreed discounts later.

In addition to a clear offer, familiarize yourself with the farm's payment practices. Today, reservation fees are almost standard, but it is good to also map out the payment of the final amount and whether it is paid in what parts and on what schedule. Look at and discuss the cancellation conditions as well, so that you are well informed about them as well. You can never be too sure, so it's also a good idea to ask about the farm's insurance and whether they have an effect on the tenant of the farm.

Whether the facility will have its own food service or whether the customer can influence himself by choosing his favorite catering service will have a big impact on the price. It is good to ensure the same when serving drinks. If the drinks come through the farm, it's good to know the prices and quantities so that the final bill is exactly the amount you agreed on.

When comparing the prices of premises, it is good to consider what is included in the rent of the premises. In the case of another space, the costs added to the rent can significantly increase the total price. Things to consider: furniture, sound reproduction, technology, lights, ice maker. The rental period of the space is an important issue. When can the space be used and when must it be handed over? The terms of the handover are also good to ensure that there are no additional costs afterwards.

If you have found the space of your dreams, but it is over the budget, consider whether the wedding could be celebrated on Friday. Friday bookings for some party spaces are cheaper and thus more budget-friendly. Friday weddings really come into their own and the long wedding weekend is enjoyed by staying at a hotel.

It is a good idea to check the accommodation near the wedding venue in advance and ask if it is possible to reserve a quota for the wedding party in advance. In this way, the costs and convenience of the guests have also been thought of in advance.

When looking at the party space, it's also good to consider parking. If the parking possibilities are limited, it is good to think about collective transportation for the party, especially if the marriage ceremony is elsewhere.


An important part of the wedding party is, of course, delicious food. If the food, drink and dessert do not come ready from the party space, it is good to consider the space's kitchen facilities for external catering. Ask what everything for serving, setting and decorations can be obtained through the space and whether there will be a separate additional charge for them.

It's a good idea to ask the space's recommended collaborators, because often the collaborators know the house best and know how to work in the space as if they were their own.

Cleaning is not the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a wedding venue, but it is good to check with the party venue how the cleaning is carried out on their side or if it is entirely up to the customer to take care of it. This way you can anticipate the organization of the cleaning and often it is also possible to buy the cleaning from the farm as an additional service. If cleaning the premises is left to the tenant, it is good to ensure the regulations and sorting of garbage.


  • Is the space free at the time you want?
  • Are there other weddings in the space or surroundings on the same day?
  • Can the familiarization visit be arranged close to your time?
  • Space rental period?
  • Advance payment? Other payment policy?
  • Are there additional costs for the space / its use?
  • Cancellation options?
  • Insurance in order?
  • How many people is the space functional for?
  • Arranging the tables?
  • Barrier-free movement?
  • Booking schedule: when can you get to the space? When will the handover be?
  • Confirm what can be brought to the space?
  • Is there room to change? (move furniture, boards, etc.)
  • Mounting options?
  • Weather reservations in place?
  • Parking?
  • Space for the bride and her entourage
  • Space for the band
  • Does the room have good sound reproduction?
  • Are there any restrictions on photography? (note where you are not allowed to go in the space and environment)
  • Can I bring my own catering or wedding cake?
  • If external catering, what are the kitchen facilities?
  • Is there an additional charge for tablecloths or the farm's own decorations?
  • Alcohol - through the premises or your own? Will this incur additional costs?
  • Recommended partners?
  • What about cleaning belongs to the farm, what to the customer?
  • Regulations regarding garbage?
  • Good communication / good reputation?

Remember that the space will also change with decorations and flowers. Above all, the atmosphere of the wedding is created by the dearest people around.