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Jump aboard the unicorn and gallop into a delightful pony fairyland! Pick a color scheme from a pastel rainbow - pink, light blue, lilac, mint and yellow, with a touch of metallic tones and holograms to create a magical atmosphere. The party space is decorated with decorative ribbons according to the color theme, balloons, paper decorations and stars, rainbows and, of course, unicorns. Set the table with a themed cake, marshmallow ponies, pink donuts and sweet muffins. At this party, everyone gets a twinkling star face painting and decorates themselves with the horn headdress of their dreams with glitter, pearls and satin ribbons, then puts a horn on a pony in the spirit of a game of donkey's tail, jumps from one cloud to another through an adventure course and reads a fairy tale about fabulous unicorns. Invite your friends who love unicorns, fairy tales, beauty and dreams together and the "Unicorn Dream Party is ready to begin!"