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Organize an unforgettable party with a Hollywood theme! Birthdays, get-togethers, girls' night out or company party coming up? Choose Hollywood as your theme! Everything from the living room to the nightclub can be used as a party space, because with the decoration you create just the right atmosphere. In this theme, you are allowed to sparkle and sparkle - use door curtains, balloons, diamond decorations and glitter serpentine to decorate. Spread a red carpet on the floor, where everyone can pose like a movie star. Sunglasses, feathers, red lips and small mustaches are reserved for the guests for the photos, so that the evening doesn't get too serious. There are poppers, snacks, cocktail pieces and sparkling wine from golden glasses. In the continuation of these parties, we watch the best movie ever or go out into the night in evening dresses, high heels and red lips in Hollywood style!