Happy news from us at Decora House! We are expanding our selection with new brands. We have popular Maileg children's toys , lovely Play & Go Playmats and toy storage bags, as well as cute forest animal-themed small decoration products. We will soon also have products from the popular Rose in April brand in our selection. Soon you will find new high-quality baby care accessories in our selection. You can also find lovely children's room interior products from new brands, such as pillows, play mats, storage baskets and toys. In addition to these, our selection is completed with baby nap blankets, towels and gauze. By expanding the product range, we want to offer you useful gift ideas for babies and children in addition to party and decorative items. The products are especially suitable for baby showers, christenings and name parties, as well as children's birthdays or even as a Christmas present.

The Maileg brand offers beautiful toys. The main stars of the brand are the Maileg bunny and Maileg mouse figures, which are available with different accessories and in several sizes. Maileg's mice and bunnies live in a small dollhouse, which will also soon be available in our selection. You can decorate the house the way you want, using different furniture. The furniture also works as it is in the games - only imagination is the limit. In addition to mice and bunnies, you can find lovely "Safari friends" Maileg rhinoceros and Maileg hippopotamus soft toys made of soft linen, which are perfect as bedfellows or for children to play with. Maileg toys are spectacular and sympathetic in nature, and the toys conquer the hearts of both children and parents. Maileg toys are popular gift ideas year after year and they work great as birthday gifts. If you are considering gift ideas for children's birthdays, Maileg toys are a great choice. In addition to birthday gifts, Maileg toys can make you happy as a Christmas gift, as well as a christening or name-day gift.

With us, you can find super beautiful padded play mats and toy storage bags to complement the Children's room interior. Play & Go mats are available in different patterns. These Playmats charm both children and adults. Play & Go 100% cotton play mats are comfortable for children to play and lie on. At the same time, the play mat is also a solution to storage problems in the Children's Room. After playing, the toys are collected in the middle of the play mat (140 cm ∅) and closed as a sack by tightening the strings. Inside the sack, the toys are stored neatly until the next playtime. With the help of a play mat, it is also easy to transport toys while visiting the village or take them with you to, for example, a cottage, the beach or, for example, a boat. The Peacock and Polar Bear play mats from our selection can be conveniently attached to, for example, strollers, and its padded base fabric enables playing even on a slightly harder surface.

In addition to Metsä's animal-themed storage products, you can find wonderful tableware for children, parcel cards and cake decorations. This adorable fox character and forest-themed products captivate with their likeability. The products are very timeless, which is why they have enough admirers regardless of age.

For its part, the Rose in April brand, which sells care supplies and interior design products, conquers with high-quality and durable materials. These 100% cotton Rose in April textiles feel wonderfully soft and pleasant against the skin. The colors and patterns of the products are charming. Timelessness has been taken into account in the patterns, which is why they are well suited for different seasons.

In addition to textile products such as baby gauze, snooze blankets, towels, bibs, nursing bags and diaper changing mats, the Rose in April product line offers shelves that can be hung on the wall. With Rose in April Babou shelves, you can conveniently update the interior of the Children's room. The most beloved toys can be put to rest on the shelf, so that the children's most important treasures are in the center of the room. The shelf comes in our selection in several different shades. We will have these Rose in April products in our selection at the beginning of November at the latest.

The new brands are charming and suitable both as a gift and to decorate a children's room. We want to offer our customers high-quality and durable products with a long service life. We also hope that the selection will also serve as a source of inspiration for decorating the children's room. Even small changes and details can do wonders. Personal details create a cozy atmosphere. It is worth noting that the comfort of the home is important for the whole family. You can find these products on our website in the Gift ideas section. You can find gift ideas for babies and 1-year-olds as well as older children. Decorahouse is involved in the most beautiful moments of your life.